Golf is a wonderful game that people can play for a lifetime. It challenges you at all time but yet rewards like no other sports can match.

Most often, golf is thought about as a sport for middle-aged men. However, to enjoy the game of golf by feeling the joy and sorrow golf can produce, it is best to start the game at a young age. The reason is simple. Children are like sponges when it comes to learning as they absorb the tools that a teacher provides in which they will not only enjoy the game but excel in it.

All set to play golf!

All set to play golf!

One of the many reasons that we highly recommend children to take up the game of golf is because it instills many values that aids a child’s maturity during character-building. As a junior golfer at the Golf Academy Borneo, your child will learn personal responsibility, emotion management, the rules of etiquette and more while making new friends in a fun environment through our specially designed program which includes the ‘Junior Of The Week’ weekly competition.

Dave Mills had a proud moment when he became the ‘Junior Of The Week’

Dave Mills had a proud moment when he became the ‘Junior Of The Week’

By allowing your child to join Team GAB today, you will be giving your child the advantage over children their age. Through the combination of good practice and mentoring, their hidden talents may surprise and delight you.


Junior Golf Coaching
For more information on our junior programs, contact Chris Boyle at +60 14 354 8614 or meet us at the Driving Range, Sutera Harbour Golf & Country Club.


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