Magellan Sutera April Drinks Promo

It’s the second quarter of the year 2017!

Can you believe how fast time flies?

How has your year been?

Is it worth celebrating?

Regardless, you will need a drink to keep you calm and serene.

And we have a few new drinks for you to quench your thirst!




Nutella Crunchy Mocktail @Al Fresco at RM22.00 per glass. Add RM8.00 and you get a cocktail! 




Blue Freeze Mocktail @ Five Sails at RM17.00 per glass.


Peach Slush Mocktail @ Tarik’s Lounge at only RM17.00, add another RM5.00 for cocktail!




What’s big and round and juicy? Our ambitious melon! Available at Al Fresco at RM25.00 per watermelon.

Come on over to any of our dining outlets at The Magellan to enjoy these new drinks!

It’ll help with your stress and a great excuse to hang out with your friends!



About SHR-Management

Sutera Harbour Resort is a favoured 5-star destination situated in Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah. It boasts three impressive properties - The Pacific Sutera Hotel, The Magellan Resort and the award-winning Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf & Country Club. Designed as a world-class retreat, the 384-acre property is designed as a world class retreat.
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